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15mm Historical Gaming in South Eastern Wisconsin

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easy Green Beach

Here's a quick look at our current progress on Easy Green Beach! We've taken the board design and scenario straight from Battlefront's Normandy Battles book

The foam is cut, stacked, and glued to form our foundation.

Spackle is then used to fill all of our seams, and to texture all of the roads.
Now all that spackle gets sanded.

50/50 Mix of glue and water over the board, to hold all of that sand.

The whole thing gets painted and dry brushed up to a lighter color for some depth.

 Here she is with a bit of grass. We've not touched the water effects yet. For ease of storage all of the terrain that is placed on this board will be on large foot prints. This will allow us to create a gorgeous board that can be easily stored without risk of damage.

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