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Friday, June 6, 2014

Mixed results - NEWS ALERT

An incredibly exciting day today at Outpost Gaming: incredulously successful airborne missions, followed by horrendous beatings by the Germans on the beaches.

At the end of the attempted beach landings, the Allies only held Utah beach, after some impressive heroism from the US 4th Infantry Division, leaving the Allies in a tenuous position.

Perhaps worse, due to some scheduling problems around the middle of the day, we had to stop our attempt for the Guinness record - we just ran out of people to act as official witnesses. It was probably for the best though, as we were running pretty ragged. This means we'll get a good night's rest tonight, then be back at the shop fresh in the morning to focus on running a great event, rather than the stringent record-attempt rules.

To repeat: the venue will be CLOSED on Friday night, and will most likely close late on Saturday evening as well, before the final push Sunday. If this puts a serious wrench in your plans, please contact us ASAP, and we can try to make arrangements.

Thanks to everyone who has shown up so far; we've had a great time, even with the fatigue.

We'll see you as the invasion continues!

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