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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Adepticon Primer Tournament

Are you looking for a chance to kick the tires on that force you've got planned for Battlefront's Mid War Nationals at Adepticon? Are you unable to make it to Adepticon, but would really like to get in a few games of Mid War anyhow? Well, our friends at Adventure Games & Hobby would love to see you at their place, on Saturday February 28th for our little primer tournament.

The Sign-Up form is just below the break here!
We'll be looking to play host to 16 players for 3 rounds of swiss match ups. There will not by any paint requirements for this tournament, as we definitely understand the crunch that comes when its time to prepare for a tournament like Nationals. However, we may have a surprise or two for our favorite well-painted armies.

Rules and list requirements will be identical to the Nationals tournament. However, you do NOT need to be playing in Nationals in order to take part in this event, as the two are not affiliated in any official sense. If you have any additional questions, shoot an email at questions@battlebadgers.com.

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