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Friday, August 24, 2018

Thursday Night Flames of War at Game Universe

Over the last few months the Battle Badgers have been getting together on Thursday nights (from about 4-10pm) at Game Universe in Franklin, Wisconsin for Flames of War.

We started off with one of the Organized Play kits from Battlefront. This was a great time, everyone loves having a place to play with their toy soldiers, and things to win. We've recently finished off the OP kit, but we're looking for something similar to put together.

We generally have 3 or 4 tables set up, with games of Late War, Mid War, and Team Yankee running. We do our best to talk about who's playing what with who the day before on Facebook to ensure everyone has an opponent and a good time.
My Rats try to steal a bit of initiative from Jake's DAK in Contact!

Game Universe is a pretty fantastic place to call home when it comes to playing Flames of War. The Staff is friendly, the store is clean and spacious, and the Flames of War stock is rather impressive. If you'd care to come out and learn, or if you're already know what you're doing and would just like a new opponent or two, give us a shout.

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