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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Battle Badger Beach Toys!

We're getting ready to storm the beaches here at Outpost Gaming. Here's the day's take!

We found a local store that still had (and still has actually) a BUNCH of dice tins! So we quickly snapped up everything relevant to our Normandy centric interests. Also pictured are Rick's new 29th Infantry Boat Sections, a few sorted Ranger platoons for Pointe Du Hoc, some DUKW's, a box of LCVP's, and a special order box of LCM. I didn't make it to the shop in time to get pictures of the whole pile before the lads started cleaning and sorting the blisters, but the stack of bases do a fine job of pointing out how many little soldiers we've got to power through in the near future. Wish us luck!

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