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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Premium Property #3 Corner Shop Arrives!

The Battle Badgers are opening up a new little corner shop! Stop in and take a look.

So awhile back Lee and I split the cost (the upfront version to make sure we got that slick ruined church) of Battlefront's Premium Property subscription. There was a little bit of waiting involved, along with a few heartbreaking messages describing sub par craftsmanship on the part of a sub contractor. However the folks at Battlefront did the right thing.

Just this past week we received building number three, the corner shop. It's an absolute monster!
A look at the back of the box. 

Real curb appeal from the front.

A look round back.

Nice open floor plan. Lee and I are still fighting over who gets the loft.

The shop windows. We're really looking forward to the shop window images that Battlefront mentioned previously.

Overall, we're very happy with this building. The paintjob is up to snuff, it arrived in perfect condition. The only nit I'd pick is the stark black windows on the bottom floor. However, Battlefront previously mentioned some shop window images that would be hosted on their site to really put this this over the top. We'll link them from here as soon as they're available.

EDIT: Here's those nifty corner shop window images!

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