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Friday, April 4, 2014

Storming the Beaches at Adepticon!

The Battle Badgers played a bit of hooky this weekend. Rather than spending Friday coding in our respective offices, we all took a vacation day, packed up the truck with all sorts of goodies, and headed on down to Adepticon to do some Rangering!

Rick's 29th Infantry Division storms Easy Green Beach at Adepticon.

After shoring up some professional responsibilities early in the morning on Friday to make room for a weekend of play, Lee and I ran down to Outpost Gaming to grab the Easy Green Beach board, our demo supplies, and a bit of Taco Bell's new breakfast (not too bad in my opinion, but I think Mickey D's is still wearing the crown.) With my old pickup stuffed to the brim we headed down to Adepticon.

Battlefront had squared us up with a nice pair of tables right on the corner, just outside of the Flames of War US Nationals tournament. When we'd emptied out the truck and set ourselves up, it looked a little something like this.

An early morning look at Easy Green Beach. This is one of the boards we'll be using for Outpost Gaming's Operation Overlord Event this coming June.

Lee entertains a crowd, teaching 1 of the 62 demo games that we ran at Adepticon.
We were incredibly busy all weekend, with the demo board running pretty much non-stop, and constant conversations with folks who'd stopped to sun themselves on our little sandy stretch of Normandy. Poor Lee ran the vast majority of the 62 demo games, while Rick and Ken answered questions about the display board and the June Operation Overlord event. I can't remember ever feeling so busy at a convention, we even managed to forget about lunch on Saturday, a mistake we more than made up for at Giordano's on the way home. As an added bonus, we didn't have to take home any of the Open Fire sets we'd brought along to sell for our local game stores, Outpost Gaming and Rockheads.

We also ran into some friends from other nearby stores and conventions. We got to speak to Lance from the Midwest Gaming Classic about the demo day and display we'll be running for him next weekend , Saturday April 12, and to Luke and Taz, regulars at Unique Gifts and Games in Grays Lake where we'll be running a demo day on Saturday April 19th. So, if you missed us at Adepticon, and would like to learn how to play Flames of War, come on out and find us at either of these upcoming events.

To cap the weekend off, Dave from Battlefront called us up during the awards, thanked us for Rangering all weekend, and gave us a set of four 2014 Tournament Objectives, one for each of the Battle Badgers. Even one for Ryan, who wasn't able to make the trip to Adepticon, but had put a LOT of effort into the Easy Green Beach board. Ryan doesn't know he got an objective yet, and if he hasn't read this post by the time we get around to it, we plan on teasing him incessantly with our own before admitting that we have one for him as well.

Ryan's 2014 Tournament Objective that he doesn't know about yet. Thanks very much Battlefront!
What a fantastic weekend. It was admittedly very tiring, as we Software Engineers don't generally spend alot of time on our feet. With that said, it was still an absolute blast. We're torn as to whether we want to Ranger Adepticon again next year, or play in the tournament. I imagine we'll be drawing lots, as it'll be a very difficult decision to make.

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