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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Heights at Adepticon

It seems we managed to impress a few folks, or at the very least not upset anyone too horribly, with our display and demo efforts at Adepticon last year. I'm basing this assumption on the fact that the folks at Battlefront asked us out again this past weekend for another go at Ranger Demos and a Flames of War display at Adepticon 2015. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Cheesehead Championship

It's been decided that the Cheesehead Championship will be coming to Kenosha, WI to our very own Rockheads Comics and Games this year. This 3 round, 1 day tournament will be taking place on Saturday May 9th. We've not solidified a cost, start time, or headcount as of yet, but we're hoping the first two will be similar to years past, and the headcount will be significantly more.
The Signup Form is just below. At this point signing up is an indication of your interest, it does not guarantee you a spot. However, when things are shored up and we're ready to roll, people who have signed up here will be given precedence. So if you're even considering making it out for this one be sure to sign up!

Adepticon Primer Tourney at Adventure Games (RESULTS)

After we had so much fun running the Wisconsin Winter War at Tundracon for our friends at Adventure Games in Oshkosh, we couldn't help but agree to a second helping of Flames of War when Teddy and Char asked us to help out again, but this time at their new location ( 927 Oregon St. Oshkosh Wisconsin).

First off, if you're in the area and have never been to Adventure Games, or haven't been since they've moved, you're missing out. What a fantastic venue! Teddy and Char were able to comfortably host all 16 of us on 8 solid tables. The truly wonderful part? We weren't in anyone else's way either, the store was full of people playing all sorts of different games, or building models. This isn't to say we were pushed to the darkened back of the store and out of the way. No, far from it in fact, we were right up front in a well lit and comfortable spot. This place is really just that sort of big and very well laid out. We're sort of spoiled when it comes to Friendly Local Game Stores here in our home of Kenosha, but to be entirely honest, I'm sort of jealous of what you Oshkosh lot have going on here.