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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Operation Overlord 2014 Event Update

We're less than two weeks away from storming the beaches at the Outpost Gaming Operation Overlord 2014 Event with the Battle Badgers.

Not including our regulars, we have just over 20 players signed up for different parts of the weekend, and a good number of others who haven’t officially signed up that we’re expecting to see anyhow.  We’ve got folks coming all the way from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and the frozen far north to our little corner of Wisconsin. If you haven’t signed up yet, do us a favor and do so right here.
So what exactly does a club do this close to an event this size? Build, paint, build, paint, build, paint, paint, paint, build some more, paint, then when you think you’ve done enough, paint just a little bit more! Seriously, it’s been absolutely nuts preparing for this event. We’ve covered dining room table after dining room table with assembly/painting lines. There’s nary a flat surface in the workshop at Outpost that isn’t covered in finished or WIP models. 

Another of the tables the Outpost Crew has put together for the event.

Some American Boat Sections ready to hit the painting table. Notice all of the footprints for the American Rangers that just left the priming table here.
The end of an era. Nick's old goofy looking Brits get themselves a proper historical bit of primer in preparation for the event. (Also pictured are a few of the club's Vietnam models we managed to sneak onto the table before Nick got to priming shhhhhh!)

We're putting in tons of effort to make sure this event is a spectacular one. Do yourself a favor and don't miss it! Whether you're new to the game without a model to your name, or a veteran with one of everything in your collection we'd love to see you out here! So let us know you're coming!

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