15mm Historical Gaming

15mm Historical Gaming in South Eastern Wisconsin

Friday, June 6, 2014


It's midnight, and the Allies are falling from the sky here at Outpost Games. We've got 16 people here to kick this event off in grand style!

From left to right counter clockwise, Jesse, Dave, Lee, Vaughn, Kris, Chops, Justin, Eric, Steve, Ken, Nick, Scott, and Pat.

Hey! Wait a minute, those two up front look a little young to be out this late. Nevermind, Steve and Erik, our youngest honorary Battle Badgers came equipped with energy drinks, beef jerky, their armies, and permission slips.
Novak drove 4 hours from Indianapolis to play with us tonight! (The Battle Badgers bought him an extra couple of raffle tickets for the extra bit of effort on his part.)

So, there's tons to be done yet, but most of its gaming now! We've got our charity raffle all set up. With prizes donated by Battlefront, Outpost Games, the Battle Badgers, and Trolley Dogs! (If you don't know what a trolley dog is, and are coming to play with us this weekend, see Rick). Raffle tickets are a buck, or 6 for 5 bucks. Be sure to sign the guest book to get yourself a free raffle ticket.

The American Airborne set there sights on St. Mere Eglise

30 hours of World War II documentary... that's not going to be anywhere near enough...

Nick makes a loan of his British Airborne to one of our guests, Scott, who came up from the Naval Base in Great Lakes.

Scott then promptly surrounds the objective and kicks Nick in the teeth with his own models. 
Thus far the airborne raiding has been going very well for the Allies. Everyone's very excited for the morning's beach landings.

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