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Friday, December 4, 2015

Wisconsin Winter War II at Tundra Con

On Saturday, January 9th the Battle Badgers will be heading up to the American Legion Hall on College Ave in Appleton to host the second Wisconsin Winter War with our friends from the Fox River Valley Gaming Club. We had an absolute blast with this event last year! We ended up with about 14 players, and 3 wonderful rounds of Flames of War.

This year we're hoping to do much of the same. Though there are a few changes. First, we'll be playing Late War this go round, and our points total will be next year's 1420 for Late War. We're confident this will shake up a bunch of lists. More details will be coming shortly, but we're hosting a sign-up sheet now. There will be no additional cost, beyond your convention admission, to play in the Wisconsin Winter War.

Finally, even if you can't commit the time to play in our tourney, if you're in the area and have a love for war games, we suggest you take an hour or two to pop in and check out all of the great toys at Tundra Con.

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