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Monday, August 20, 2018

Rick's Rats

Little out of date, but a post I still feel like making. The (not-so) recent release of V4 and its focus on the African campaign presented me with an opportunity to collect something new. My first thought was a pile of crusaders meant to be a part of the 4th County of London Yeomanry 'The Sharpshooters'. Unfortunately, at that time the proper decals weren't part of the kit. So I placed an order with Dom's Decals and refocused myself on a Motor Company to put something together for Adepticon. Here is that Motor Company.

Now, we've already established that this wasn't my first choice, but it's really grown on me since. The list consists of an HQ, 2 Motor Platoons, a platoon of 6 pounders, a UC patrol, a mortar section, and a Vickers HMG platoon in one formation, with 25 pounders, a platoon of Grants, and a flight of Hurricanes in support. The large organic platoon count for the formation makes this a tough formation to break, though the low model count, and dealing with reserves can get troublesome. I generally end up with the hurricanes, the MGs, the UCs, the mortars, and the Grants in reserve. Though I get to switch the UC's or the MG's around from time to time as the mission demands.

The Motor Company HQ

Motor Platoon
These are meant to be the meat of the list, however the low model count makes it an issue from time to time. When I happen to face a list with infantry these can really shine, but there doesn't tend to be many other infantry lists in the area, so these poor buggers tend to dig in and try to weather the armoured storm.

Universal Carriers
 I love these guys. 2 Points for a spearhead threat, and a unit that can maraud in the backfield, or just keep an opponent honest. They've even taken a forward position in scrub fields to threaten enemy artillery, and entertain some enemy tanks.
25 Pounders
 Paired with the 1pt worth of the Artillery Experts command card, these guys do tons of work. I tend to use them as direct fire against tanks, or as counter battery fire, as the small size of my motor platoons can make enemy bombardments a real hazard.
Grants and the back of a few 6 Pounders
 My Grants tend to sit in reserve and sweep in from a flank to clean up whatever the 6 pounders may have left on the plate.
I don't know whether or not these guys are worth their points, but they are all sorts of exciting. Possibly my favorite unit, likely just because of my love for ww2 birds, and their models in FoW.

Future plans for this list include possibly extending into a Rifle Company so I can get at that lovely little PIAT card, possibly dropping the second organic Motor platoon, and replacing it with another set of 6 pounders, or shelving it entirely as I work on some Soviets for the upcoming Enemy at the Gates release.

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