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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Grognard Games & Hobbies 1 Year Anniversary FoW Tourney!

Mid-War Beginner Friendly Flames of War event at 75 points!

We're hosting 3 rounds of v4 Mid-War Flames of War, and there will be cake!

We're interested in finding some new blood in the Flames of War scene at Grognard, so interested in fact, that we'll let you play with our toys. If you've been considering the game, and need to borrow an army, let us know and we'll put something together for you. If you're a salty ol' veteran who'd be willing to make loan of an army, sound off.

We'll be using the battleplan rules, and cards are allowed.

There will be prizes, fun, and the aforementioned cake, as we help Todd celebrate 1 year at Grognard Games & Hobbies.

Flames of War Forum Thread can be found here.

Facebook Event can be found here.

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