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Monday, November 13, 2017

V4 MidWar at Grognard Games... WITH CAKE!

The Battle Badgers went down to Roselle, IL to visit the good people at Grognard Games this past Saturday and to run a friendly little tournament. We were looking to make some new friends, and play a couple of games. So we brought along our toy soldiers and some cake!

It'd honestly been awhile since we'd run anything beyond a Demo Day, but this tournament allowed us an opportunity to try out some new toys and strategies. Among all of the 'new stuff' we tried out, we gave the More Missions pack a try along with the Battle Plans portion of the game. I was a little nervous about having so many different missions being played in a tournament aimed at new players, but this worked incredibly well. I'm pretty sure this will be the 'go to' for us in tournies to come. Who hasn't seen two armoured forces come up against each other in a tournament in a match with mobile reserves (now Deep Reserves). The Battle Plan approach does a reasonable job of mitigating that need to be lucky enough to duck such a match, by giving players a little control towards playing the sort of game their force was designed for.

We had a great time, got done (nearly) on time, ate pizza, ate cake, played Flames of War, truly a win on all fronts. Congratulations to Mark and Owen, our first and second place finishers. As always, thanks to Todd and Owen for giving us such a great place to play. I've heard something about a V4 midwar Tanksgiving event taking place at Grognard in the near future. If you're looking to learn, or want to push your tanks around, c'mon out!

Owen's DAK prepares to show Joel's Desert Rats off.

Lee's M4's push forward in the face of Angelici's Motor Formation.

Lee's Rifles hunker down, hoping to weather the oncoming British storm.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on in this picture, but Angelici looks puzzled, and this pleases me. Also, check out that snazzy new Battle Badger shirt!

Todd and Howie from Grognard prepare to cut the cake. Howie has apparently decided to upgrade to some sort of HEAT round...
Cake for everyone!

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